NOTE: A lot of these packs can be used for Treeless Saddles with a few changes, so just let me know which brand of Saddle it is.




SNUG PAX SLIMLINE WESTERN DELUXE: We've added a water holder to the Slimline for that perfect day pack. Now you can carry camera and more! Also available with a Camera Pack on top for $65.95. Sorry but no picture of this one yet.


SLW-D $61.95




SNUG PAX SLIMLINE WESTERN WATER HOLSTER: Fleece backed with insulated bottle holders with small center pocket, if you'd like we can put a pocket on one side and water on other side.


SLW-WH $58.95




SNUG PAX MOUNTED POLICE PACK: We made these especially for a Mounted Police Department. The pockets are extra long to fit Ticket Books. Have a job you need a special pack for? Give me a call and will see what we can make for you. Can also add the top pack like the Slimline Western With Top for $65.95


MP-P $58.95



SNUG PAX SLIMLINE WESTERN POMMEL BAG: Comes with two side zippered  pockets 8x4x4  and a center one for keys etc. The Pockets are also available in larger sizes 8x4 3/4x5. If you would like the larger pockets write it on in the note portion of the order sheet. (no extra charge) The pack is fleece backed.


SLW $55.95


SLIMLINE WESTERN WATER HOLSTER WITH TOP: Another option for the SLW-Water Holster if you need a little more room. This pack also attaches with Quick Release Straps. It's my favorite for shorter rides, there's room for a few things on top and two large insulated water bottle holders .

SLW-WH-TP $61.50




SNUG PAX SLIMLINE AUSSI: Pommel pack for Australian Saddle. Two side zippered pockets and small center one. To use this one the Saddle need to have the rings that are inside the Polleys. If the saddle doesn't have the rings let me know and will use a different version more similar to the Slimline English Pack.

SLA $55.95




SLIMLINE WESTERN ZIPLESS: If you don't like to deal with zippers, this pack is insulated and closes with pull ties instead. Also available for English Saddles.


SLW-Z $62.95




This is another Mounted Police Pack, on one side it has a Ticket Pocket and a Insulated Water Bottle Holder and on the other side it has a pocket and a holder for a Walkie-talkie. Shown are a right and left sides of pack.







SLIMLINE WESTERN WITH TOP: After requests for a larger top pocket we have another option for the SLW. This pack is attached with Quick-Release buckles at the top and dee rings and ties at the bottom to attach to your cinch for a no bounce ride.


SLW-TP $60.50