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Note: After choosing color you must click on it to select. WITH ALL THE NEW SADDLE DESIGNS COMING OUT, I'VE MADE ADJUSTMENTS  ON SOME OF THE  PACKS  SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT KIND OF SADDLE YOU'RE USING SO I CAN MAKE ANY CHANGES NECESSARY. (Tucker, Synergist, Desoto, Sport Saddle, etc.)  To see a larger picture click on image.



SNUG PAX WESTERN CANTLE BAG WITH WATER: Ample sized bag with insulated bottle holders, because of all the  different saddles  I  put adjustable straps with buckles on this pack. If you want Velcro straps will need measurements off the saddle.

WCB-W $55.95




WESTERN CANTLE BAG WITHOUT WATER: Same above except without bottle holders. After selecting color make sure you click on it to send it goes through. We've changed to adjustable straps with buckle. If you want the Velcro straps I'll need some measurements.

WCB-NW $42.95



SNUG PAX UNI BAG: Center zippered pocket (12 1/2x5 1/2x4 1/2)and two side pockets. Side pockets will fit easy boots or water bottles in a pinch, also has quick release strap's on top for tie on's.  Will fit WESTERN, ENDURANCE, OR AUSTRALIAN SADDLES. Not recommended for English Saddles if You're riding in the mountains as it may slip under the saddles. Also with changes can be used on the REACTOR PANEL AND TREELESS SADDLES. If you use Boa or Old Mac Boots will need make larger side pockets. Be sure to let me know so I can make  the necessary changes.

OPTION: UNI-COMBO-Comes with an Ez-Bag holder on one side and an insulated water bottle holder on the other.

UNI $61.50



UNI-WATER: Instead of the side pockets this pack has two insulate water bottle holders and will fit all of the above saddles.

UNI-WATER $61.50




SNUG PAX SUPER UNI: On this one we put it all together! Won't be leaving much behind. Works for Western, Australian and Endurance Saddles.

SUPER UNI $68.95




TREELESS PACK: This little pack was originally made for a Torsion Treeless Saddle, but also fits Bob Marshall, Freeform and  Desoto. This pack is about 13x4.1/2x41/2

W-TREE $36.95



SNUG PAX BOOTS & BOTTLES: For traveling light, with smaller center pocket and two insulated bottle holders. Will work on LARGER Western and Australian Saddle's. If you'd like to use it on an Endurance Saddle let me know as I have a slightly smaller version designed for those Saddles. The pack is a little too large for Tucker Saddles.


B&B $56.95




REAR-MOUNTED SEARCH & RESCUE: With the help and suggestions from a Mounted Search and Rescue group I've made a number of changes to the Super-Uni pack. The center pack is a little taller and has a heavier zipper, the top compartment is also larger. The side pockets will fit the larger Hoof Boots with room left over. The Flap over it is extra long, hooks with 2 inch wide Velcro for a firm grip. On the outside of the flap is an extra small zippered pocket, handy for the little things so you don't have to open the   pack. Also hooks to the saddle with Quick Release Buckles. Enclosed is also a rear picture, enlarge to see more detail. There is another version for English Saddles.

REAR S&R $80.50